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PPC (pay per click) Advertising Explained.

PPC (pay-per-click) advertising can be a fast and effective method of driving new, targeted visitors to your website(s)! Although the technology that drives PPC is complex, the concept is surprisingly simple and extremely effective.

Google’s AdWords program is arguably the biggest and most popular program available today, but there are others! Yahoo & Bing have a similar PPC platform, as do dozens of other competitors.

This is how PPC works: You choose a program or company to work with – I.E. open a PPC account. You choose keywords and phrases related to your products & services. That may be as few as 6 or 7, or as many as 100s. You then “bid” on those keywords for “positioning.” The higher your bid for a particular keyword/phrase, the higher your ad will appear. (“Higher” ads normally get more clicks, views and “action.”)

You also decide if you want your ads to appear on the “search” network, the “publisher” network or both. Search network ads may cost a little more, but they are also considered “very hot prospects!” Next, create some appealing ads (normally text in nature), and watch the traffic “roll in.”

It’s important to note that you can set a daily, weekly or monthly budget. Today’s PPC technology also allows you to “drill down” to your target market using a variety of factors such as: geography, region, time, date, IP address etc.

The 3 keys to PPC success! 1) Understanding your target market and what drives them. 2) Creating appealing ads and effective “landing pages” and 3) Understanding your ROI, and “cost per acquisition” for new customers! The last thing you want is people clicking your ads and not following through with a purchase or other desired action. Good luck!

Another popular PPC revenue model we should consider is "domain name parking" for revenue pay-per-click. The long and short of it is: register a domain like CAREERS ARE HERE, set up a PPC account with a company like (They will display related and relevant ads for you)... Upon receiving legitimate (REAL) clicks on those ads, you, the domain name owner will earn "per-click" revenue!

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