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Why are "Natural" Text Links Important?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be the difference between a modest, low or no traffic website and a traffic magnet website! There are various approaches you can take to attract links and get visitors to your website. Some search engines respond to certain strategies better than others. To document each of these approaches would take a substantial number of pages and explanations that exceed the intent of this article.

However, there are a few "simple" things that can be done, that the "big 3" search engines generally respond to positively. The big 3 of course are Google, Yahoo! and Bing. These 3 search engines are responsible for approximately 92% of all online searches, that makes them extremely valuable to your online business!

Keep in mind, linking to other websites (outbound) and acquiring website links (inbound) are both important SEO factors. There are 4 strategies that a website administrator will generally use to increase their search engine rankings and traffic. They are: 1) reciprocal linking (2-way) 2) uni-directional linking (1-way) 3) multiple website linking (3-way) 4) directory linking (directory submissions)

Each of these four linking strategies can be best explained this way:

1. Reciprocal Linking = Site A links to Site B, Site B links back to Site A
2. Uni-directional Linking = Site A links to Site B
3. Multiple Website Linking = Site A links to Site B, Site B links to Site C, Site C links back to Site A. (Sometimes referred to as 3-way linking)
4. Directory Linking = Submitting your website to a web directory

This may seem fairly straight-forward, however it requires much time and hard work to execute all 4 strategies in an effective way! As a website administrator / business owner, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and linking strategies must be a significant priority.

Take note of the following natural linking strategic principles! Don't get too many links too fast! Reciprocal linking is important, but the link value is dampened by search engines. Try not to get back links from "link farms," (pages specifically set up to add reciprocal links). Try to find high quality, high value and relevant websites to link back to you! And, the anchor text of the "back links" to your website matters! The anchor text is the word or phrase on the actual link.

For example in this link > Homepage - Homepage is the "anchor text."

The Internet is still a place where we link to each other for many different reasons; however the very best possible text link you can get for your website is one where it is "naturally granted" based on relevancy, context and content!

A final note: linking manipulation can get you penalized or worse. Your website could be "sand-boxed." It's widely reported that Google exercises a sand-box effect where new websites or websites using questionable technology and linking strategies are put indefinitely. That means, no traffic or visitors from Google! Yikes!

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